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Sky VFX Studios is a multimedia and ICT training institute with a passion and commitment to bridging the digital divide through offering of digital tech course programs. Ranging from all kinds of digital design and visualizations, digital tech skills etc, we also help companies in branding, advertising and media consultation services. We are passionate about innovation, creativity and tech.

Our digital courses are affordable and delivered in the most conducive learning environment as well as having industry relevant professionals and expert as staff and facilitators.

We have a passion to bring digital literacy, using the best of modern training tools to develop world innovative leaders.

We also help businesses and corporate bodies in the area of training tech skill acquisition for effective optimization in the workplace. Our course programs are designed to offer employable skills with relevant and up- to-date curriculum, tailored to the needs of the future workforce.

Our digital youth course program is targeted at anybody who is willing, passionate and ready to be relevant and key into the next phase of digitalization. We also offer different course programs targeted at kids and teens.

Our demographic dividends is our strategic advantage. The large number of young people in Nigeria can represent great economic potential. If the right digital provision is not given to youths, they could be disenfranchised, which could lead to crises that would likely threaten the future of youths and the Nigerian economy.

If you are looking at equipping yourself, why not take a tour through our site and see various course programs and tech services we offer to better your world.


To help equip people by providing affordable digital skill programs that allow them to compete favorably, be world innovative leaders and prepare them for the next digital transformation.  


Bridging the digital divide in Africa and beyond.