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Begin your journey in UI/UX Design with Sky VFX to gain a solid foundation to creating High-Impact User Experiences. Research, design, and prototype effective, visually-driven websites and apps as well as great products to advance your career.


UX design is all about the overall feel of the experience, while UI design is all about how the product’s interfaces look and function.
A UX designer considers the user’s entire journey to solve a particular problem; what steps do they take? What tasks do they need to complete? How straightforward is the experience?
Much of their work focuses on finding out what kinds of problems and pain-points users come up against, and how a certain product might solve them. They’ll conduct extensive user research in order to find out who the target users are and what their needs are in relation to a certain product. They’ll then map out the user’s journey across a product, considering things like information architecture—i.e. How the content is organized and labelled across a product—and what kinds of features the user might need. Eventually, they’ll create wireframes which set out the bare-bones blueprints for the product.
With the skeleton of the product mapped out, the UI designer steps in to bring it to life. The UI designer considers all the visual aspects of the user’s journey, including all the individual screens and touchpoints that the user might encounter; think tapping a button, scrolling down a page or swiping through an image gallery.
While the UX designer maps out the journey, the UI designer focuses on all the details that make this journey possible. That’s not to say that UI design is all about looks; UI designers have a huge impact on whether or not a product is accessible and inclusive. They’ll ask questions like “How can different color combinations be used to create contrast and enhance readability?”or “What color pairings cater to color blindness?”
It’s important to understand that UX and UI do go hand-in-hand; you can’t have one without the other. However, you don’t need to possess UI design skills to be a UX designer, and vice versa—UX and UI constitute separate roles with separate processes and tasks!

• Anyone who wants to start using Adobe XD in their career & get paid for their user experience design skills.
• This course is for beginners, newbies & amateurs in the field of UX design.
• Aimed at people new to the world of design & user experience.
• For anyone that needs to add ‘UX Design’ to their portfolio.

• Website Wireframe
• strategy
• User Interface Design (UI Design)
• User Experience (UX)
• User Research
• Graphic Design
• Adobe XD
• Adobe Illustrator
• InVision
• Marvel
• Adobe Indesign
• Treejack

•Become a UX designer.
• Build a UX project from beginning to end.
• Become a UI designer.
• Build & test a full mobile app.
• Build & test a full website design.
• You will have a project of your own to add to your portfolio.
• Learn to design websites & mobile phone apps.
• Work with fonts & colors.
• Prototype your designs with interactions.
• Test on mobile phones.
• You’ll create realistic prototype complete with micro interactions.
• Export production ready assets.
• Create your first UX brief & persona.
• Create quick wireframes.
• Learn professional workflow tricks & shortcuts.
• You will get the finished files so you never fall behind
• All the techniques used by UX professionals
• Build a mobile app prototype that responses to voice commands.
• You’ll learn how to choose colors.
• You’ll learn how to pick the correct fonts.

According to CNNMoney/PayScale’s top 100 careers with big growth, great pay and satisfying work , UX design ranked #14 with top pay hitting $138K and a growth rate of 18%.”
User Experience (UX) Design is one of the fastest growing fields. If you think about the growth in smartphone and tablet sales, it’s not surprising that the field of UX is experiencing double digit growth. Every interaction you have with your device has in some way been influenced by a UX designer. Smartphone sales alone grew from 122 Million in 2012 to 190.5 million units in 2015.  On the other hand, from 2012 to 2015, UX climbed up from #43 to #14 as the top 100 best jobs in America. With advances in virtual reality and the internet of things, the demand for UX Designers is only going to increase.
As of January 2020, there were over 1.94 billion websites in existence. There are currently over 4 million mobile apps available for download on Android and iOS combined. Globally, more than 4 billion people are using the internet.

Who is responsible for designing the visual, interactive elements for all of these websites and apps? Who makes sure that they not only look great, but are accessible, inclusive, and intuitive?

You guessed it: UI designers!

We need UI designers to make the web (and pretty much all kinds of technology) both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly for all. But what makes the role of the UI designer so important? Let’s take a closer look.

Good UI is crucial to good UX. If you’re considering a career in UI design, you want to know what kind of job security the industry can offer. While it’s difficult to put an exact number on it, you’ll be pleased to know that “UI designer” ranks third on this list of the 19 most in-demand digital creative talent for 2019.

There hasn’t been a better time to become a UX Designer.

A student is required to bring a passport photograph and two thousand naira for course registration.

A laptop is required (either Mac or PC) with a minimum operating system of 64 bit, 4GB RAM with a storage capacity of at least 350GB. We will walk you through installing the necessary software.

2 Months - ₦150,000


2 Months - ₦150,000


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