Great learning experience is not imagined or achieved by wishful thinking. It takes lots of care, understanding and research.

Our course programs have been deliberately designed and developed to capture a wholistic approach to domains of learning and teaching; to give a wide range of options and methodologies in helping students navigate the different levels of learning.

Here at Sky VFX, we take cognizance of the different learning styles, taking advantage of the various pedagogical approach in ensuring individual learning curve is considered in delivery.

This is our regular program designed for everyone willing to go through the regular duration of each course.  It is an expanded learning of four hours each for all courses twice weekly and spans through the afternoon. If you are not very busy or available between the hours of 9am – 4pm, this course program is designed for you.

This program is designed for corporate professional, students, CEO’S, entrepreneurs etc. who may be very busy or occupied during the day. It is a three hours course program designed to capture every bit of learning. It’s twice weekly. Take advantage of the quiet and serene nature of the evenings. It is very adaptable in the sense that missed classes can be rescheduled. Students who have enrolled for this course are particularly grateful and happy.

Even though its just two days, this course program is power packed with lots of exercise and practical. If you are looking at having 100% course engagement, sign up for this program. It’s not just flexible, a follow up exercise and feedback all through the week is ensured. This program is mostly designed for busy professional, students, workers, business owners, those who are intending to change careers, teachers etc.

Having all your course in a single one-stop-dose can be so rewarding. This program is a quick-learn-program. Unlike other programs or regular courses, courses in this program are compressed within a duration of one month. It is a one-month intensive training with nothing left untouched. This is specially recommended for people who have free moments of between one to four weeks. Classes run every day except Saturdays and Sundays for a duration of four weeks.

This is a private or personal training – convenient learning. In this program, asides its being private, learning is self-paced. It takes any of the different form below:



Learning can occur at designated location at the choice of the student or learner. Those who enroll for this program direct their learning. It is usually very detailed and gives room for a one-on-one training and supervision.  Courses in this program are premium due to the program nature. It is particularly for anyone willing to have his/her learning at their choosing destination and time.

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